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Once upon a time, a small team of toymakers decided to hide a golden treasure. A treasure that would spark creativity and bring joy for anyone who found it. Leaving almost no clues, the team decided to let faith and curiosity lead the way to the golden treasure...

A Golden Treasure Hunt Has Begun

In the month of October 2021, we have placed no less than 20 golden pegs (!) in 20 random MODU kits all around the world. So if you buy a kit this month (01.10.21 — 31.10.21) and discover a golden treat in the box, you are one of the lucky winners of the hunt for THE GOLDEN PEG. This treasure will grand you a brand new MODU kit of your choice, worth up to 1799 DKK / 245,95 EUR / 223 GBP / 2538 SEK.

With an extra MODU kit, you have the opportunity to build even more fun and bigger creations. Perfect for expanding playtime with friends and family — one can really never have too many blocks! You can also choose to pass on the kit if you wish to enrich someone you know with a MODUtastic gift ♥ — Best of luck! 🤞

If You Find a Golden Peg

Should you be lucky enough to find a golden peg in your kit, simply follow the instructions provided to collect the grand price. Each golden peg comes with a ticket with a unique code written on it. Once you have put the kit of your choice in your shopping cart and entered your delivery information, simply fill in the “discount code” box with your code. We deliver your MODUtastic gift to wherever you wish. If you wish to pass along the kit to a friend, please remember to enter their shipping address instead of your own. The number of remaining pegs will be revealed on Instagram continuously as they are found. Once all of them have been collected we will make a final announcement.

Should you have any questions regarding the campaign, feel free to contact us at hej@modu.dk

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