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Are you looking to spread some long-lasting joy this holiday season but unsure what to gift?⁠ Explore our gift guide with ideas for babies, toddlers, and kids, or take a quick quiz to get your own personal recommendation.⁠

Gifts 0 – 2 Years

Designed to support motor skill development, there are plenty of gift options for babies and young toddlers. The Curiosity Set is a great beginner’s set that allows you to explore the basics of MODU and build balance toys, rockers, ride-ons, and more.

Are you looking for something for a little adventurer who is about to or recently started walking? The 3-in-1 Baby Walker is packed with fun and engaging features. Transform into a wheelbarrow or a handy step stool to keep the fun going.

Additionally, simple, budget-friendly options include the Scooter Board and Tiny Ride. The Scooter Board is great for tummy time and sensory stimulation, while the Tiny Ride is a perfect ride-on for young toddlers who love speed and movement.

Gifts 2 – 4 Years

Being a toddler is a journey of fun and learning. With the Explorer set, you get not just one, but at least 15 different toys for little ones to ride, roll, jump on, and explore. Let their creativity flourish as they build ride-ons, balance toys, little kids’ furniture, and imaginative creations. A gift that guarantees hours of fun and play!

If you’re looking for speed and movement, our Activity Toys are great gift options as well. Explore fun balance play with the 3-in-1 Roller, or let your favorite fun-seeker roam around freely, enjoying 360° spins while building up their confidence and skill set on the Scooter Board or Tiny Ride.

Gifts 4 – 6 Years

All our sets are suitable for kids aged 0 to 6. That being said, bigger sets equals more blocks, which tends to be more fun, especially for older kids! Let them enjoy endless creative possibilities with the Dreamer Set. Build a play kitchen, a race car, a catapult - the sky’s the limit. The size also makes the Dreamer Set a great shared gift for siblings.

Add even more elements to the fun by gifting single blocks or extra pegs and wheels. A little goes a long way; even a few blocks can open up a world of new possibilities. Including three different blocks, the Block Bundle is a great add-on to any building set and a perfect gift for existing MODU owners.

Need a Little More Help?

If you're still not sure about what to choose, why not give our MODU Match Tool a try? Simply answer a few questions, and we'll provide you with a personalized recommendation.

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